Time-Time-Time, See What’s Become of Me!

Well, here we are at that horrible juncture of the year when all good daylight lovers become depressed. Please, try to make me understand WHY it’s a good idea to have evening come crashing down upon us at 3:00PM!?!

Originally – or so I have been told – the Daylight Savings Program was initiated to give farmers longer daylight hours for plowing, planting and harvesting. Great idea! It also gave sun worshippers a chance to indulge in their enjoyment just a little longer. Personally, I have let myself take that extra time for granted and I miss it, painfully, when it is wrenched away from me.

I don’t like feeling as if I should be getting ready for bed by 4:30 in the afternoon! The vague miasma I plod through during the late year months is depressing and leaves me feeling like a mole, tunneled deeply into the Earth.

Give me sunshine! Give me daylight! Give me afternoon wakefulness! Give me Daylight Savings Time all year round! And if you will excuse me, I’m going to go take a long winters’ nap.

About katzpawz

Rabid Reader, devoted Christian, love crafting, cooking, sewing, watching the owls on the internet, movies, feeding my loved ones and generally enjoying my life!
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