Finally – the days are starting to catch up to the nights out here in sunny So. Cal. As you already know, I could easily live without losing Daylight Savings Time and be a really Happy Camper!
This is the year I decided that gardening was no longer going to be the chore of the century! My back has decided to go out without me, so I’m not bending like I used to.
A couple of months ago I saw a picture on the internet of a “wall garden” and it got me thinking. So I had my Son, Kyle, haul me over to Home Depot in his pick-up. (the better to load up, my dear!) and bought some lengths of vinyl rain gutters and some 2/4’s. I attached the 2/4’s to the back fence and then attached the rain gutters at my waist height. Drilled holes in the bottom of the gutters, every 6 inches or so and lined the bottom with narrow strips of window screening. Then I filled the gutters with lots of high quality potting soil and planted onions, spinach, chives, radishes and lettuce. Then I planted a couple of types of tomato plants in big containers, fertilized everything and watered almost daily.

A little sweat, and not done yet!

My salad planting seems to be going well so far – I’ll keep you posted!

About katzpawz

Rabid Reader, devoted Christian, love crafting, cooking, sewing, watching the owls on the internet, movies, feeding my loved ones and generally enjoying my life!
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