Pinterest Envy

Here is a fullhearted confession – I am severely addicted to Pinterest. If by some chance something catches my eye over there at 6 o’clock in the morning,,,,,you will find me still wandering around over there at 10 o’clock at night. And I’m doing it with a big, gob-smackin’ smile on my kisser too!!

No, I don’t know who started the dang-gummed thing and I’m afraid to find out. Afraid because they might have something else up their sleeve to capture my imagination as well as my time. I LOVE that site!!!!!!!

I imagine they’re making some money over there and I truly wish them well. Pinterest is worth millions to me and my time! Thanks!!

About katzpawz

Rabid Reader, devoted Christian, love crafting, cooking, sewing, watching the owls on the internet, movies, feeding my loved ones and generally enjoying my life!
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1 Response to Pinterest Envy

  1. Sue Ellen Parkhurst says:

    Yes- I love Pinterest, too- I am Sonia Rose on there- It is addictive- Like I need another addiction- LOL

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